Just a little introduction

About Me

Hello everyone ... introduce my name is Zachra Siti Utami Khoerunissa, this year I am 17 years old. I am the 1st child of 2 siblings.My education is now at the final level, but learning doesn't end


  • TK Baitul Majid

    Level of early childhood education (age 6 years or below) in the form of formal education.

  • SDN Cicadas 1

    The most basic level of formal education in Indonesia. Elementary school is taken within 6 years, starting from grade 1 to grade 6.

  • Mts Negeri 2 Bandung

    Basic levels of formal education in Indonesia, equivalent to junior high school, the management of which is carried out by the Ministry of Religion

  • Occupation?

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  • Univercity?

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  • SMK MVP ARS Intl

    Formal education which organizes vocational education at secondary education level following on from SMP / MTs